Full Grain Leather

Learning about leather craft is entirely lot of fun, but it became more confused for consumers what they exactly paying for. We use only full grain leather for every piece of our product, for the reasons below:


Full grain leather comes from the top layer of the hide keeps all the animal natural marks and scars. This means every product will be unique and original.


The top layer of the hides includes also natural grain that contains strongest fibres, making full grain leathers most durable and the strongest.


One of the main characteristics of full grain leather is to develop a change in colour. The more usage, the better appearance and feelings!

  • Designing

    Our designer has from step to step work (empathise - define - ideate - prototype - test) for designing the innovative outstanding pieces that represent our brand

  • Cutting

    All our leather goods are started to make from the full hide and cut into patterns. Each pieces and patterns are typically cut by hand ensuring precise and consistent quality.

  • Initials Stamping

    Once the quality control test has made with the final product, it is ready for hot stamping. We offer free of charge personalisation service including initials or names (up to 8 characters), making your item more unique.

  • Machine Sewing and Hand Stitching

    The product sewing process is made by heavy duty sewing machine.
    While some of our personalised or tailor-made products required to be 100% hand stitched.


    Most of our goods get finished by edge cleaning and burnishing. It leaves clean edge all the way around and helps to protect the edges from fraying

  • Gift Wrapping

    We offer additional packaging. If you give it to another loved one, it will be a wonderful gift.